X3100 Driver v14.31 with hardware T&L and SM 3.0

20/08/2007 – 17:28


this driver has helped a lot on my notebook!
I am using a Dell Latitude D830 with the X3100 and had trouble with 2d performance (!) and switching to enhanced displays, as well as with smaller games. I had also been used to profile management from the former gm855, gm915 and gm950, where you could define monitor configurations. This had been missing in the first driver version.

Now the desktop seems so much faster in building up (wuxga 1920×1200), games are much faster, profile mangement is working and switching displays is fast and working like a charm!

Driver v14.31 X3100

It is also a pleasure to see DirectX 10 and SM 4.0 support being announced in the Intel Graphics Guide:


Intel Graphics Guide

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