Connecting to Qnap TS-109 NAS via SSH using WinSCP

03/09/2007 – 17:56

Update 2007/10/11

With firmware v1.1.2 QNAP has added full support for WinSCP, which means no strange error messages and additional commands. There are no problems transfering files to or from a local PC or moving files around the NAS itsself.

Furthermore, to always start in the same directory add the following:


This will explain the steps to using WinSCP to move files around the shares in the Qnap NAS TS-109, but will surely also work on the TS-109 pro, TS-209 and TS-209 pro.

Currently if moving files from the share /QDownload to /Public the files are first transfered to your PC, then back to the NAS. If using wireless networks for this it can really take a long time…

1) Activate remote login on the NAS and adjust port.

In case you want to connect to the NAS from outside your LAN i would suggest moving the port away from port 22 to anything above port 10000, as a example i used 40022. Make sure the check is set to active.


2) Download WinSCP ->here<-


3) WinSCP session

Start WinSCP and click on ‘stored sessions’, ‘new’. Enter the IP of your NAS, the internal one if you are inside your LAN, the external one if connecting from outside and the port forwarding set correctly in your router. Enter the port you use, ‘admin’ as a user and your admin password, click on ‘save’


4) Browse the shares

The shares are located at /share/HDA-DATA:


5) Moving a file

Right-click a file or directory, click ‘move to’


Select your wished destination:


  1. 4 Responses to “Connecting to Qnap TS-109 NAS via SSH using WinSCP”

  2. Hi nightty

    I have posted an edited version of the following on the QNAP forum, but no one has responded. Since you seem to be the only one who is knowledgeable on this topic, I thought I would ask you directly:

    I have WinSCP3 installed on my laptop and have tried to use it with my NAS (TS-109–v1.1.1 (0830T)). I can login into the NAS (with SSH service) and browse the directories, but cannot move or copy any files. In particular, when trying to copy various media files (from /share/HDA_DATA/Qmultimedia/music/Mymusic/ to my laptop), I got the following error (taken from WinSCP’s log file with edititng):

    -sh: line 44: scp: command not found ….
    Copying files from remote side failed.
    Cannot execute SCP to start transfer. Please make sure that SCP is installed on the server and path to it is included in PATH. You may also try SFTP instead of SCP.
    Command failed with return code 127.

    In fact, from the log file, it seems that none of the commands for WinSCP are recognized: alias, cd, chgrp, chmod, chown, echo, groups, ls, mkdir, mv, pwd, scp, rm, ln, unalias and unset. It would seem to have something to do with the specification of the WinSCP shell. I use the default one.

    What does it mean to install WinSCP on the server? Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated!

    Best wishes,

    By Michelle on Sep 14, 2007

  3. Michelle,

    You can not copy files toyour laptop from there. You must copy to a share on the qnap and then copy off from explorer in you laptop. Here is a thread on this concerning how to edit apache.conf in order to host multiple domains / web sites on you qnap.

    By Michelle: on Oct 11, 2007

  4. whoops… here is the link:

    By Michelle: on Oct 11, 2007

  5. As of v1.1.2 you can copy to your local PC via WinSCP

    By marconachtrab on Oct 12, 2007

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