Qnap TS-109 harddisk waking up sporadically

04/09/2007 – 20:48

My TS-109 spun down correctly but i had it waking up every 20-30 minutes without accessing it at all.

I found out that the netbios service accessed the network names every once in a while and caused the ts-109 to spin up.

To avoid this happening i deactivated netbios. There are two ways to do this. You can either click on your lan connection’s properties, tcp/ip tab, advanced, wins: deactivate netbios or do it by disabling the netbios helper service at all, which is what i recommend. Be aware however that you loose simple name resolution in your network, you can access your devices by IP only afterwards. You can put entries manually into your hosts file again, but this can sometimes lead to trouble with reverse lookup and java scripts working name based.

Those are the steps to a eversleeping TS-109:

1) Right-click Computer, manage


2) Go to services, search tcpip-netbios helper service, doubleclick, set to ‘deactivate’, ok, click ‘stop’, ok

qnap_suspend02.png qnap_suspend03.png

Your NAS should be spun down much more often and more reliable now. Leave your comments if you still face troubles!

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  2. Hi,

    thank you very much for this tip! That was it which made my TS-109 nervos ­čśë

    I did not had any problems yet. I can access my router with “fritz.box” as usual.


    By dartrax on Mar 8, 2008

  3. Hello,
    I still have some spin-ups which are caused by NetBIOS. I was able to get rid of them with further deactivation of NetBIOS:

    Right-click on the network connection you use -> properties -> select “…(TCP/IP)” -> Properties -> Advanced… -> WINS -> deactivate NetBIOS over TCP/IP -> Ok -> Ok -> Close

    (Rechtsklick auf die genutzte Netzwerkverbindung -> Eigenschaften -> TCP/IP ausw├Ąhlen -> Erweitert -> WINS -> NetBIOS ├╝ber TCP/IP deaktivieren -> OK -> OK -> Schlie├čen)

    Now I’m really not able to access my NAS by using “qnap”, which I was although the helper service was turned off. I’m also not able to click on Workgroup in the explorer, it gives me this errormessage:

    “Auf Arbeitsgruppe kann nicht zugegriffen werden. Sie haben eventuell keine
    Berechtigung, diese Netzwerkressource zu verwenden. Wenden Sie sich an den
    Administrator des Servers, um herauszufinden, ob Sie ├╝ber Berechtigungen verf├╝gen.
    Die Liste der Server in dieser Arbeitsgruppe ist zurzeit nicht verf├╝gbar.”
    (translation of the last line: “The list of servers in this workgroup is not available at this time.”)


    By dartrax on Mar 8, 2008

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