HP DL160 G6, RAID controller B110i and Windows 2008 R2

14/08/2009 – 12:19

I got into some trouble with a HP DL160 G6, which could not load the driver for the embedded SATA RAID controller called B110i when installing Windows 2008 R2 Datacenter.

It turned out that the latest firmware update has to be installed, which update the B110i’s firmware from 1.00 to 1.10:


The driver is then installed succesfully during setup, just put the extracted driver files on a USB stick, the latest driver’s name is:


You can get those files here if you like:


The setup is then running fine with raid1 functionality, however you should install the event notification, in order to have failures of drivers show up in the event logs:


Even then you have another problem: write performance

The problem is that you cannot set caching policies via the ROM based setup, you have to get ACU running, the ‘array configuration manager’. The CDs provided with the standalone version do not work however.

The only way I got ACU to work is to install the latest version of the windows ACU, which can be found as:


You can enable write caching there:

and get better write performance numbers:

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