FritzBox: Monitor Traffic

10/11/2012 – 22:48

I have been using Fritzbox devices for some time now, moving from a 7170 to a 7390. What I have always missed was an easy to set up monitoring solution for the traffic going through them, most importantly the internet interface.

There are some solutions that can do that, but some only indicate the current traffic, with no charting option, some are hard to set up for home situations:

  • FritzBox Traffic 1.0.9: Monitors current traffic, Windows sidebar widget
  • uPNP to MRTG: converts uPNP extracted values to MRTG compatible ones, charting with MRTG is then possible, not a trivial setup however
  • Wireshark Analysis: Activate capturing on Fritzbox, then analyse afterwards with Wireshark
  • What I wanted was an easy to set up solution with charts, and although using PRTG for years now I didn’t realize it can do just that meanwhile, I must have missed that in the release logs…

    What you will get looks like that

    So here we go for the setup

  • First activate uPNP access to the Fritzbox. Go the webinterface, network, programs
  • Install PRTG from here:
  • Add device, use your Fritzbox’s IP for name and IP value, use ‘manual’ for sensor management
  • Select ‘Add sensor’, search for ‘AVM’ or ‘Fritz’, and select ‘Add This’, use Fritzbox WAN Traffic as name
  • Open the sensor, go to settings, set scanning interval to 30 seconds, save
  • Go to channels tab, select Traffic IN, set ‘Vertical axis scaling’ according to your internet connection’s speed. Using ADSL 16000 (16MBit down, 1MBit up) you should use a settings of 16000 kbit/sec. This way the charts are more usable and especially the upload can be recognized more easily.
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